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                                              Welcome to the Homepage of :-

                                          Offa's Dyke Rifle Club

                     The Club for Long Range Rifle Shooting

                     Affiliated to the National Rifle Association, No.644 .  Home Office Approval No. CFP 13 1/7/4/1/2/1/2/3/18

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                          New    "For Sale"   Items posted - February 2015


                   Please see the Revised Shoot List (Calendar) for all the latest bookings.


Important Notice -  Don't forget its the Club AGM on Saturday 7th March 15.

   Venue is the Bentley Methodist Church Hall, at 1230 for 1300 hrs start.

                               (See your E mail for more details.)

 Next Shoots:-   (Click on Range Names  below to see location Maps)


                                     1) Kingsbury "A" Range (Weather)

   Sunday 29th  March

                                                Start - 0830 for 0900 hrs  Finish - 1600 hrs.

          HME Test at 200 yds around Lunch Time





                         NB.- 50 cal / 12.7mm Restrictions now lifted.

However, FCSA have now made it Mandatory that only single round feeding

of ammunition is allowed. NO feeding from a "Stacked Magazine".

                       This applies to ALL makes / models of 50 BMG

  ALSO :- The previous notice issued from Warcop on use of suppressors on

                50 Cal Rifles was incorrect, it only applies to Military use.


          Don't forget your ID Card, Safe shooter card & Lanyard. Be early for Range Briefings.  

                          Please note that Club Rifles & Ammo should be available at most shoots, but PLEASE

                                       Notify if needed & Calibre required, along with Ammunition.

                      Also, see links Above & Below for Weather & Satellite Views of Ranges Used.            

  Check regular for update, as due to Military activity, our bookings can change quickly.

                                                                Do Not take any booking as "Set in Stone".



               Don't forget - you now have to be Certified as a competent person to shoot on MOD Ranges.

                                            If you have not yet had your certification done, then contact the secretary ASAP.

                                               Make Sure your card is in date. Latest ones are for a 4 year period,

                                                                    Terminating on 31st December 2015.                  

                                   New Cards,  for 4 years, were sent out at the end of December 2011/ Early Jan. 2012.

                                                    f you have NOT received yours, please notify Secretary ASAP.


                      Range Location Maps - (Click the RANGE name to view Maps)

                                      (NB : Some sections still under construction)

                            1) Kingsbury  (Weather) - N East of Birmingham  (Google Sat. View) 


                            2) Llansilin  - Nr Oswestry.  (Weather)  (Google Sat. View)   


                            3) Sennybridge  Training Area  (Weather)  -  Nr Brecon. (Google Sat. view)  

                                Sennybridge  Individual Ranges :-

                                        a) "G" Range   b) J3/J3a    c) "F" Range                                                                                                                    

                          4) Warcop, Cumbria. (Weather) (Road Map)    (Google Sat. View) 

                                      Warcop  Ranges :  a) Charlie High (C- 8 & C-10)  b) H-12


                           5) Lydd Camp, Kent. (Weather)  (Directions from M20)  

                                                  (Gate House, Sat. View)   Lydd, Serial 45 Range


                                 6) Warminster - IR2 Range   (Weather) 

                                                       Directions        (Google Earth Sat View)

                            NB. Click on above names / headings to view Maps.

                          Please phone 07825 784883 for clarification on Map Details etc.


                                                 For the latest "Want Adds" See :-

                                         Sales & Requirements 


Who Are We ?

We, (ODRC) are a non-proprietary rifle club for responsible members who wish to enjoy the pleasure and challenge of long range rifle shooting, on a variety of Ranges.

bulletThe Club has access to many MOD Ranges including Llansilin, which is a 400 yd Gallery Range located about 6 miles west of Oswestry, set in a beautiful Welsh Valley with excellent facilities for an outdoor range. The club also Shoots at Sennybridge, Nr Brecon, (A variety of Ranges up to 1300 m with Electric Radio controlled Targets) along with Kingsbury, NW of Birmingham.  The club also shares bookings with FCSA (UK) (Fifty Calibre Shooting Association of the United Kingdom) (Includes the use of Warcop Ranges in Cumbria, Lydd in Kent, as well as Sennybridge) This Club caters for most rifle disciplines, including Extreme Long range Shooting, using large calibre rifles, such as 338 Lapua Magnum and 50 BMG.         (See FCSA web site at - )
bulletOur membership is drawn from all walks of life, far and wide and we try to cater for all forms of Short, Medium & Long range shooting.
bulletWe are approved by the Secretary of State for the Home Office and are able to take probationary members.  Details are available on the membership page.
bulletGuest Days are also organised, where Interested Non Firearms Certificate Holders can be Invited to attend shoots, in order to see if this is the sport for them.
bulletHave a look around using the navigation bar on the left or at the top of page.  Thank you for visiting us.


Membership Fee's

All Club Memberships expire on 31st December each year

 If you are renewing your membership, then Please send your Cheque for 70.00,   

made payable to - Offa's Dyke Rifle Club, along with your renewal form & ID Badge 

(less clip), to the Secretary at address on paperwork.

(If you are Not renewing, then please let secretary know.)


            Important : Click here to See Range Conduct           



  Clubs Respond to Home Office Consultation Paper on Firearms Controls!!!


1) Click FCSA (UK) to view response via Microsoft Word


2) Click - ODRC - to view Response via Microsoft Word

             Home Office reply to ODRC response  Click  "REPLY"  to view

                Home Office reply to FCSA (UK) Response  Click "REPLY" to view                                                

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