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More Photo's of club members enjoying their sport !!!

(Underwater Long Range Target Shooting)

Above : Recent flood at Kingsbury Ranges. Shows centre road between A & B Ranges

            Flooded up to the 300 yd Firing point.  (Sunday 25th November 2012)


Above : Allo, Allo!, What are these 3 planning ? 

Above : Richard D's new 50 cal at Sennybridge "F" Range (AI 50 with special barrel & US Optics Scope)

Below : Peter B & his Steyr disappearing in a cloud of gas. Also on "F" Range. (Photo's by Uncle Mac)


Above & Below - JM's new Muzzle Break on RPA 50 Cal Rifle. 

 Muzzle Flash captured by Chris Stevenson at Sennybridge "F" Range (Sat 16-04-11)


Above : Hon Sec. JM firing 50 BMG Tracer from an RPA rifle. White screens are at Aprox. 1000yds.

Below : Hon Sec doing a bit of "Moon Lighting"  (Photo by Mac)

Below : Mac says - Must stop him using that brand of Tracer (Its no good for Lyndon's boots /feet) (Photo by Mac)

Below : Smiffy has started reloading (Photo by Jim N)


Above & Below : Early Summer on Warminster IR2 900 m Range


Below : 3 x Photo's In the snow at Warcop (Sat 27th Nov 2010)  By FCSA Member -  Mark Johnstone


Above - The real use of a 50 cal as a Hand Warmer

Above & Below - Engaging Hard Targets at around 2000yds.


Below : 3 x Photo's by Uncle Mac at Llansilin Range on Sat 27th Nov. 2010.



Nobody Qualified for the 50 % range fee reduction for attending both Warcop & Llansilin



Above : Sec JM with 300 WSM at Kingsbury.

Below : Phil L of FCSA with his Barrett 50BMG on "X" Range Sennybridge

Below : Martin K of FCSA doing "on site" reloading for his 50BMG

            on "X" Range, Sennybridge, early 2006.


Below : Not a lot gets past Ray & Ed. Seen doing their Bullet spotting bit.

Above : More spotting at 600yds. Kingsbury "A" Range

Below : Young Richard with AI 7.62 at Kingsbury "B" Range (600 yds)

A few more photo's of old club members doing what they do best :

Below : Old Timers at a recent Llansilin Shoot.( or was it a century ago) (Photo's By Mac)

Below : Bob at his bench with trusty No 4

Below : Not sure what is going here !!!

Below : Ray & Lyndon musing over Enfields

Below : Sid getting ready to "Fix Bayonet" and sort them out

Above photo's by that other well known oldie - Uncle Mac.


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