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         Latest News from  Offa's Dyke Rifle Club   

                                                       (Updated December 2012)

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North West Arms :

New Registered Firearms Dealer in North West of England, specialising in large calibre firearms & ammunition.

See @


FCSA (UK) members Scott Wylie & Steve Milne have been competing in the 50 cal World Championship 1000 yd shoot

at the Whittington Centre, Raton, New Mexico, in USA. This several days shoot includes Heavy Gun, Light Gun, Hunter Class,

Unlimited, Practical & "Iron Man" etc. Scott came 2nd in the International, 4th in Hunter & 6th in unlimited.

Steve took 2nd in the practical class. A more detailed account of their activities follows below, including photo's to follow later.

Participating in the .50 calibre World Championship, Raton, New Mexico.   By Scott Wylie. FCSA (UK)



                    AI AW's in Afghanistan : 

        Sorry chaps, can't get Shoot bookings on these sites as yet. 

Above : The AW 50 Doing it's bit.

Below : The AW 338 LM / 8.6 mm 



USA FCSA visit Warcop


Above : Left to right - Barry Hamilton (USA), Chris Stevenson, Reid Woodward (USA), John Masefield.



Latest on Muzzle Energy, Safety & Probationary Membership etc

HME at Sennybridge.

Following recent discussions with Range staff at Sennybridge, as of July 2008, we can now use High Muzzle Energy Firearms on the Gallery Range (J3 & J3a). This means that providing we carry out the mandatory 200yd / m zero test with all such firearms, (over 4500 joules, but less than 7000 j) we will be able to use calibre's such as .338 Lap Mag. etc.

This is a very positive move, brought about by this Mandatory MOD Requirement.


New MOD / NRA Rulings for Civilians using MOD Ranges  (Including Bisley)

The following is based on the information given by Mr Glynn Alger & Chris Webb of the NRA during a meeting with Civilian clubs at Bromsgrove, on Saturday 8th March 2008.

1)  The new "High Energy zero test"  

We have been advised by the MOD at Warminster, and also by the NRA (on the 8th March), that users of MOD 'Field Firing Areas' - now termed 'Live Fire Tactical Training Areas' (LFTTA) - will NOT be restricted by the 7000 Joule & 4500 Joule energy and 2900 Meter danger area template limitations that now apply to MOD Gallery type Ranges.

A mandatory proof of zero test for 4500J - 7000J ammunition on gallery ranges has been introduced and is enforceable from the 1st April 2008, therefore a 'High Muzzle Energy' RCO (HME) must be present at each and every shoot where a rifle and ammunition combination that has a muzzle energy of over 4500J is used. The HME RCO will require that the appropriate shooters undertake a quick zero procedure at 200 yards, the HME RCO will then sign each target to indicate that the shooter has been cleared for that range, on that day, with that rifle - and can then proceed to longer distances than 200 meters. Unfortunately this proof of zero only lasts for that one day, unless the shoot is over a multi day period. Targets will be available & for download, from the NRA soon.

Not sure if your rifle is over 4500J ?  Click here or contact a club official,  for a simple ballistic calculator. Many ammunition types are over this limit, all you need to do is push a 170gn bullet at 2961 feet/sec and you are over the limit by 1 joule!

What happens if you get caught using ammunition over this limit on a gallery range and you are without your RCO HME signed and dated test target? Simple, an authorised person from the MOD / NRA will take a sample of your ammunition for expert testing. (not at the range) If found to be over the limit then you could be banned from every MOD range for life. We are still waiting for the exact procedure, we have been told that there will be no room for debate. (However, we have explained that any testing must be carried out using the same Rifle, as variations in chamber, barrel length etc., can vary the muzzle energy)

FCSA (UK) & Offa's Dyke RC. will be getting as many of its RCO’s 'upgraded' to this new standard ASAP.                 If you are a member and a qualified RCO then please contact the club Secretary or Chairman ASAP. 

N.B. -  1st Course to be held on Sunday 6th April at Altcar, Merseyside. Contact Hon Sec for further info.

2) NRA Safe Training System

From the 1st April 2008 Offa's Dyke RC. & FCSA (UK) will begin a process that can certify each member as a competent and 'safe shooter', in accordance with new MOD/NRA requirements, we have until January 2009 to complete this task, after which it will be a mandatory requirement for all users of all MOD ranges, including Field Firing Areas, in the UK.

Essentially all this will mean is that each shooter needs to demonstrate that they are capable of operating their rifle in a safe manner, the club Chairman will then sign each certificate accordingly, this will be renewed each year assuming the member can demonstrate the level of competency required by the MOD and NRA. This certificate is totally independent from the 4500 Joule plus zero test as described above.

More information will be released soon, however copies of the certificate can be downloaded from the NRA website (we are informed) week commencing Monday 17th March 08.

3) Probationary Members.

All new probationers will be expected to follow the NRA probationary membership training scheme, this can be in addition to the clubs existing safety training scheme.



Some good news for a change. 

1)  As of November 07, the extended WDA imposed on all Ranges using 50 calibre, has been lifted. This means we can resume the use of the ranges at Warcop, Sennybridge and other ATE areas cleared for 50 calibre. (& .338 etc)

2)  The recent, much discussed Muzzle energy restriction is now set at 4500 Joules, with a plan for ammunition over this limit to be decided early 2008. These restrictions are intended for use on MOD Gallery ranges, with Field Firing Areas not included. 

Will keep you posted

3)  Sennybridge Tracer restriction also lifted on all calibre's


Potential Serious Problems for Civilian Shooters  (See (1) above for Latest developments)

The following extracted from NRA web site :-

At a meeting this morning the National Rifle Association was informed that Defence Estates (DE), who are responsible for safety on all MOD ranges, have identified a risk that bullets fired with a Muzzle Energy (ME) in excess of 3800 Joules (J), have the potential to escape the Range Danger Area (RDA), particularly in the case of inaccurate firing.

DE refuse to accept this risk on behalf of civilian recreational shooting. The Defence Land Range Safety Committee (DLSRC) has therefore decided that no ammunition with an ME exceeding 3800 J may be fired on their ranges.

However a four week window has been negotiated on behalf of the Association, during which we have the opportunity to produce acceptable operating procedures. These procedures, covering Safe Person, Safe Training, Safe Practice and Safe Place, may allow ammunition with MEs exceeding 3800 J to be safely fired on these ranges, where no bullets will escape the RDA. In practice this means that all shots must be guaranteed to be captured by the Stop Butt.

This will demand a considerable amount of work on behalf of the Association, which will need to be entirely convincing to the DLRSC, to guarantee the 100% capture of all shots fired, from all firearms on all ranges. This will therefore require the fullest co-operation from all our members and clubs if this project is to stand any chance of succeeding.

Any input from clubs and individuals to help achieve this aim is welcomed. Please contact the NRA by e-mail as we will be fully engaged on this project and are unlikely to be able to answer all your telephone calls during this period. Your input will, however, be fully taken into account. We hope that by working together and using the considerable expertise within our wider membership we can achieve a successful outcome for us all. Updates will be posted regularly on the NRA website as matters develop.

More will follow on the above, so will try and keep you posted. Any comment you may have, please e mail the Hon Sec , as we will be putting forward ideas for consideration.



 As of April 06, Whittington A & C Ranges have been closed to all shooting, until further notice. This will cause serious problems in the immediate future with respect to both military & civilian range bookings on the Midlands Ranges. 


            Latest on Whittington Rifle Ranges  (As at - January 2007)

Whittington Ranges

There have been any number of rumours, statements of fact and (sadly) way-out-of order stories about Whittington Range.  So here is the fact and future as it is known by the range staff.  This is rock solid information – anything different is someone’s invention – listen to at your own risk.  Remember, I used to work there…

When will the range re-open?  Answer – No one knows.

What are they doing now?  – Answer – re-checking their data to make sure that whatever actions they decide on will be right.  They are going over the exposed bit of the danger area with metal detectors to see if there is a significant amount of lead in there.  If there is, it will justify the remedial work, if not – God Knows…

Why did it close?  - Answer – Way back in 1985 the Range Danger Area was identified as being deficient.  A chunk of the Birmingham Canal and part of a farmer’s field were included without the Army having overshooting rights: also the bullet catchers were not wide enough to catch wayward rounds on the Tamworth side of C Range.  No action was taken then until a re-survey of the ranges in 2003 resurrected the problem.  Further checks were made in 2004 & 2005: the senior range officer decided on the strength of the reports that the ranges were not safe and issued a closure order on 25th April 2006.

What do they intend to do?  - Answer – Nothing definitive has been tabled.  There are several options that have been looked at:-

·  Raising the bullet catchers by 5 metres.  Not only difficult to do engineering-wise but expensive as all the soil would have to be imported.

· Raise the bullet catcher and lower the range floor from 100 forward. Extend C Range bullet catcher over the track way to remove the loss of firing points 11 & 12.   Less expensive but will disrupt the range until the grass has re-grown.  Currently the favorite option.

· Close the ranges permanently.  The least cost option, but army, and RAF pressure appears to be pushing this further down the list of options.

· Do Nothing.  This will depend on the outcome of current reviews.  If the metal detectors find nothing in the RDA and the responsible General is happy, the range could be back in business tomorrow.  But don’t bank on it.  Most unlikely.

· Wait & See.  The proposal by the Army Medical Corps to take over the barracks in 2009 appears to be hoped by some that it will significantly reduce the pressure on ranges – medics do not need as much range time as ATR (the present folk in the barracks).  However, this ignores the pressure from external units – RAF, TA, SAS, Cadets and Regiments based at range-less barracks.

Where do we go from here?  - Answer – Nowhere, except Kingsbury for all rifle 300 yard shoots.  25 yard range bookings are not currently a problem.

PS For those of you who have seen cranes over Whittington ranges – get some (new) glasses – the cranes are on the 4Track railway works in Tamworth, about 3 miles away!!!

If you want my guess when we will be back, all I can say is that it is very unlikely to be before September 2007 at the very earliest.  The powers-that-are have to decide what they are going to do, how they are going to do it, who gets the job and where the money’s coming from.  If you know anything about MOD & Civil Servants, you will recognise that such a list can be spread over centuries if they are left unmolested!

  (Extract from  Cannock Rifle Clubs January Newsletter)                    Author – John Taylor

Printed by permission of John Taylor  Secretary of Cannock Rifle Club


Other News Items : -    

1)  Revised Butt Duty (Click here for latest)

2)  Subs :  Don't forget - Renewal Time  (1st January every year)

                                          Increased now to £70.00  (Jan 2011)

Send your cheque (Made payable to - Offa's Dyke Rifle Club) & ID Card (Less Clip),  to Hon. Sec. ASAP.


                                             See Range Calendar for 2011 shoots

Other Happenings :

bulletHome Office Approval - As the club is now approved by the Home Office, it is able to take in probationary members. We have now been granted a Club FAC and have acquired "Club Rifles & Ammunition". We have also applied for "Guest Days" through the year and advertising our presence a little more. It is hoped to attract more younger potential shooters into our sport, as we are all getting on a bit. Go to the membership page for details.
bulletThe committee would like to hear from other rifle clubs with a view to holding joint meetings or competitions. (Some Clubs have already done so) Please email the secretary with your details.  The email address can be found on the membership page.
bulletThe Home Office Consultation Paper is out & about, causing quite a stir. If you have not seen it yet, try their web site at :
bulletBearing the above in mind, a new club has been formed from a previous group of shooters, to cater for  large calibre rifles at long range. (1 mile +) This will include the modified end of 30 cal., 338 & 50 cal. etc. Competitions will take place when possible and Range Time will be shared with ODRC.  (New club is : FCSA (UK)  (Also see Links for Web Sites)
bulletTo View the FCSA response to the consultation paper - Click Hear.  . 
bulletTo View ODRC Response to the Consultation Paper - Click Hear. 
bulletTo view Home Office reply to FCSA Response, Click Hear.
bulletTo view Home Office reply to ODRC Response, Click Hear.



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