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                     This is our Range Booking Schedule for - 2018.

                     Please Take Note of the Dates below, as some may change, due to Military Requirements etc.

          This schedule is subject to change without notice and  members should check before traveling.

                                                    Dates below will apply to both ODRC & FCSA (UK)                                       

                 Click on  "GALLERY 1 & 2" for pictures of various ranges.


Shoot Dates

ODRC                       2018                         FCSA

    Updated - 02 -12 -18    
Date Day Location Comment Status


Sennybridge "G"  Range shoots will mainly be on a Sunday Morning where ever possible (Please support)

However, "G" Range is closed till Possibly February 2019, for maintenance work.

NO "F" Range available at present, due to Nation Wide Ban on Field Fire Ranges



Members to be advised by e mail prior to shoots by Club Secretary as to viability of shoot/s.  For all shoots, PLEASE notify by e mail to Hon Sec. if attending. This is very important.  


Re Warcop, Due to the hopeless situation re cancelled shoots, we will continue shoots at Catterick Area, Bellerby Ranges. Please note that all ODRC Shoots are open to FCSA Members as well, but please advise ODRC Secretary by e mail if attending.  
December 9th Sunday Kingsbury "A" Range (0830 for 0900-1600) (ODRC) 300 & 600 yds HME Test Mid Day ish      (CONF)
December 13th Thursday          Warminster IR2 Range (0900 hrs - 1600 hrs) (ODRC) 900m shoot Max 338 HME Test 1st thing (CONf)
December 16th Sunday Kingsbury "A" Range (0830 for 0900-1600) (ODRC) 300 & 600 yds HME Test Mid Day ish      (CONF)
December 23rd Sunday Kingsbury "A" Range (0830 for 0900-1600) (ODRC) 300 & 600 yds HME Test Mid Day ish      (CONF)
                        More For 2019 to follow shortly    

 N.B. :-    

       1)  All ODRC Shoots are open to FCSA Members and vice  versa.

         2)  Due to uncertainty of Range Availability etc., some of the  bookings may change  

               at - Short Notice.   PLEASE Check above on Regular basis & Phone 07880 796976 for up date.      

                Notes :

                Shoots Marked with (TAF) will be applied for ASAP

                Shoots Marked with (AF) have been applied for, but not yet confirmed.

        Shoots marked with (CONf) have been confirmed.

                Please note that GUEST DAYS (GD) will be added to the above dates when confirmed.  

                Guest Days are for None FAC Holders to come along and try out Rifle Shooting under 1-1 supervision.              

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