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For Sale & Want Adds

Welcome to our (Free to Members) service for advertising your surplus shooting kit and putting the word out as to what you require 

(Or your "Wish List")

If you want to utilise this facility, then please E Mail or post your information to the Secretary.

Very Important :

Please check out your Add & if finished with

Please notify secretary, even if previously notified.

Click Here to E Mail the Secretary

           For information about the items below, please use the contact details given for that Item.             

 DO NOT  contact  the Secretary for the  sale info, except where stated.

                                                           New /Changed items added - 11-06-2018

For Sale:-

Lee Precision Perfect Powder Measure - £10   Lee Precision Safety Powder Scale - £10.        

Allendale Sonic cleaner - £110.            Lyman case tumbler 1200 pro - £50.                                                 

Set of Lee Pacesetter 308 Calibre dies - £20.   RCBS Neck Die 308 Cal. - £15.                

Lee Delux case trimmer with 308 and 223 Cal. dies - £25.    Frankford Arsenal Case lube 1 1/2 pots - £10              

Tipton 308 Cal. cleaning rod, 40 inches long - £30.           Caldewell, the rock shooting rest - £180                                         

 Sierra game king 150 gr 308 Cal. Boat tail (100 off) - £20.    Sierra game king 110 gr 308 Cal. Boat tail (100 off) - £20.   

This equipment has been used but is in excellent condition.

                                                                                          Please call Pete on - 07917 730887


For Sale

1)  A brand new, boxed, Redding T7 turret press. Would like £285.00

2)  A Schmidt and Bender PM2 ,3 - 12 x 50, 34 mill Tubed body, non-illuminated, first focal plane, Mildot Reticle scope. Slight ring marks on body tube.

                                                             £950 ONO  Contact - Richard Lawrence, Phone number - 07800 796101


For Sale

Armalon  modified  Remington 700 Actioned Rifle in .223/5.56 calibre, fitted with a 23 inch Walther 1 in 8 twist barrel, threaded for the removable ”over barrel”  sound moderator, and is fitted with a Timney trigger unit.

It has a standard Remington stock, fitted with a “Harris 6 – 9 inch” bipod,

A Leupold Mk. 6.5 – 20 x 50 LR/T Mill dot ATF telescopic sight is mounted on the 20 MOA Sight Rail.

The rifle comes with 2 modified military AR 15 20 round magazines and a modified 5 round RG  AR 15 magazine, which can be used as a “single shot magazine”                        by using the removable single shot magazine follower fitment, designed to allow the easy use of “over length reloaded cartridges", loaded with Sierra 180 gr  bullets,                   which will not load into the standard AR 15 magazines due to their length.

As a measure of its accuracy, a scored 3+2 firing at the standard “Fig 13 (Huns Head)  target” at 600yds in a sniping competition, where the target was exposed                        for five second exposures. 

                                                                 Would like  £1,750.00 for the rifle etc., as described above. 

 ● Reloading gear

Also selling a Redding Competition reloading die set, a Redding case comparator, and an RCBS Case Comparator, for £150.00,  plus a selection of Sierra .223 bullets, (mainly 80gr., 77 gr. and 68 gr.)  with a current combined face price value of £480.00

                                                                                All for - £220.00.     

 In addition, the following is also offered for sale:-

 223 Lee Deluxe reloading die set

.223 Redding Competition Bushing neck sizing die – 58111

.223 Redding Instant Indicator – Case Comparator – 17111

.223 Precision Micrometer – 88304

Sinclair Concentricity Gauge  with .001 Dial Indicator

RCBS Uniflow Powder measure

RCBS Powder trickler

 These items cost in excess of £400.00 in total when purchased  new , but will be open to realistic offers. 

                                                                          Seller :-  Andrew  Bygrave.  (Tel - 01626  890250)  

                                                                            A Photo of Rifle will follow Shortly



Nightforce 2014 competition scope with fcr-1 Reticule, 15-55x52

Used 3 times. As new, excellent condition, includes scope rings, box etc.

All for  £1800

                                    Contact Dave on - 07527 548093 or e mail -

                                                                  Collection - Based Leicestershire



        Pedersoli High Wall rifle in 45/70, 30" Octagonal barrel. A Classic single shot, designed for long rang target shooting.                                               The frame has a case hardened colour. Equipped with a  single set trigger,  Winchester type rear sight.                                                                      Drilled and tapped to mount a suitable "tang sight", matched with a "tunnel" front  sight.    

                                        All for £1300.00

Please contact - Chris Smith on - 01527 523677   Mobile - 07583 474347   e mail -



CZ 452 ZKM .22 RF Purchased in 2008, Approximately 400 rounds passed through it, well maintained, accurate and accurate.

Complete with Simmons 3-9 x 32 scope and approximately 450 rounds of Remington Ammunition.

      £350 or nearest offer.  Contact - John Burnett for further details -   -  07971 321419


And :-

For sale:-

Sako 75 Hunter .308 Calibre, Purchased 2008, RH Variant. Excellent condition, accurate and well cared for.

Approximately 500 rounds fired. Complete with Harris Bipod, Leupold Mrk 4 3.5-10 x 40mm Scope as seen below.

Also complete with approximately 150 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition .

£1000 or Nearest Offer.   More details on request. Contact - John Burnett  or  07971 321419.






For Sale or Trade for Fly Fishing Rods/Reels, or WHY

Marlin 17HMR (£400) - new and CZ452 (£220) used, but in excellent condition. £500 for pair if collected. Both with moderators and optics.                                      Owner  retiring from shooting to spend more time fly fishing. Remaining packs ammo FOC.  Face to face transfer subject to variation.                                                    North Wales. Can meet at Minsterly Ranges if required.

Once rifles are sold my Brattonsound RL5+ cabinet with ammo locker, bought two years ago with two sets keys, will also be available.e Slip - £40       1 x  drag bag in green (not the one pictured) - £100 .  Can  be sold separately if required.

1) CZ452  .22LR calibre Rifle, with detachable Mag, 3-9x40 illuminated AO scope and Parker Hale moderator.

Rifle and scope are clean and accurate. 100 rounds .22LR inc. - (See Photo)  - £220 ono£2

75 ono

2) Marlin 917 (unfired ) .17HMR calibre Rifle with detachable Mag, BSA Sweet 17 scope with .17HMR reticule and turrets

Plus Sirocco Moderator, correctly proofed. 100 rounds .17HMR inc.  (See Photo) - £400 ono

Both rifles have Q D studs for a slings.

For all the above items, contact Dawn on  - 

                                                 and phone 01678-521744



New 2012 Armalon (Peter Sarony) rifle  308 Remington 700 complete with Armalon barrel, Harris bipod, one 20 round mag                                                                and one 10 round mag, replaced butt pad, police stock, reinforced sling swivel and sling.

Polished feed ramp and smoothed bolt, Armalon muzzle brake and Pin spanner.

Replacement Remington X Mark Pro trigger and Picatiny scope rail.  SIGHT NOT INCLUDED! 


                                                All for £1500.    Contact -  Will Walsh on - e mail :



   1)  7.62  Lee Enfield  No.4 Mk 1/2 bolt action rifle.  Fitted with a 7.62 heavy barrel with a shortened fore-end

         and a 10 round Enforcer magazine.              £350           



   2)  .223  AR15  rifle, straight pull on a Bremmer action.  Fitted with a 4x20 telescopic sight and supplied with 2 detachable 30 round magazines.



   3)  AK47  .22LR  semi-automatic rifle by Armi Jaeger.  Complete with sling and detachable 30 round magazine.


        All rifles in very good condition.  Some ammo free.

                                                                             Contact Barrie on - 07920 106186.


 For Sale :-

 Pedersoli  High Wall Rifle .   Rifle has 30 inch barrel, Frame is case Hardened, Colour.

Equiped with single set trigger. Adjustable Tunnel Front sight with bubble. Adjustable for windage.

Universal Rear Sight, Long Range, adjustable for elevation, Windage and Base angle.

Multi aperture rear sight, Adjustable eye Piece.  Price - £ 1500 

                                                 ContactChris  on - 01527 523677   Mobile 07583 474347


For Sale:-

                                Anschutz shooting jacket – heavy canvas – measures a 44” chest - £ 65.00

                                        Call Paul on - 07970 356 020


For Sale:-

30-06 calibre rifle, Littleton - built by Norman Clark Guns. 32" barrel. Musgrave action.RPA2 sttrigger.                                                                                         Pillars bedded (devcon) Stainless steel  Barrel 1 in 13 twist, 11 deg. Crown.  36MOA scope rail.  McMillan fibreglass stock with integral adjustable cheek piece, 3 x way adjustable but plate.

Full length access rail with QD stud.  F class bipod.  This rifle comes with Redding comp dies, 100 new cases, 100 Bullet heads,  loading data & Hard carry case.  

All for -   £1600-00 ono


Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 (PM2) scope - £1700

Savage.223 stainless steel fluted barrel rifle, with Laminated stock, bi pod,  6-24x56 scope, Acu trigger, hard carry case.

Reloading dies, Loading data. All for - £875

Mouser 7.62 rifle. 28" barrel, AJ Parker rear sight. Bi pod. Only £150

                                                For the above Items, contact Roger F on - Mobile : 07710455420


 For Sale :

WARNE 30mm high scope rings £55
WARNE bases £23
2X LEUPOLD 30mm meduim scope rings £30 each
LEUPOLD bases £20
LEUPOLD scope rings high £25
                                                                    Will sell the lot for £160
Also -


Contact :
                    STEVE on - 01384 297901 or  07919400743                   


For Sale :

No1 MkIII* SMLE 1918 .303 refurbished with new barrel, new wood and fittings £450
No1 MkIII* SMLE 1943 .303 refurbished with new barrel, new wood and fittings £425
No4 Mk2 .303 with very good 5 groove barrel, matching numbers on bolt and mag £375
No4 Mk1 .303 with very good 5 groove barrel, matching number on bolt and stock £360


                                 For all the above, Contact - James Mumford on mobile - 07527 598831.       


For Sale :

As a job lot the following reloading items (used for my 0.223).

 Redding Big Boss II Press (inc 0.223 shell holder)  Redding Comp. Bushing/Neck sizing die set (0.223)

RCBS Range Master Scales 750 series.  RCBS Trim Pro case trimmer   O.A.L. Gauge (+0.223 shell)   L.E. Wilson deburring tool

RCBS Hand Priming tool (inc 0.223 shell holder)   Neck Brush.   50 round loading blocks x2.  Ammo Boxes x3 (inc any 0.223 brass inside)

Sinclair Hex Bullet comparator.    Primer Pocket Uniformer.    Spare 0.223 shell holder.   Mitutoyo Measuring Caliper

Titanium Nitride Bushings x2 (.252 & .251).    ½ box Sierra Bullet heads (0.223/69 grain).    ½ box Hornady Bullet heads (0.223/75 grain)

About ¼ tub Varget.   About ¾ tub Vhita Vouri N140.    Tin Die sizing wax

                                                                                 All in for only - £300.00 (Subject Unsold)

                                                                                       Contact - Keith on - 07971 565944.


For Sale :

1 x Black Axiom Aluminium short action stock. Excellent condition, like new. - £375 ono

                                            Contact Ben at -


For Sale :

Steyr HS 50 Rifle (50 BMG) complete with a 6 - 24 x 56 Nighteater Scope.

 Along with the following Ammunition, Components & Reloading Gear etc.

154 x Tracer,   58 x IMI Match,   6 x Ball Rounds,  44 x Tracer Bullets,  40 x Spotter Bullets, 1175 x Primers & 1 x Tub of 50 BMG powder.

Reloading dies and press for 50 cal. and a Quantity of 50 BMG brass  cases.   Also, 2 x spotting scopes.

 £4,500 for the lot.

                                        Contact - Darren on  phone 01347 824244 or 07713 327300


For Sale :

Remington 700 on AICS Tactical stock with tactical bolt action. 0.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO Border Barrel 1 X 10 turns, competition single action adjustable trigger. Leupold XI! III Longe range scope 8.5 X 25. Harris bipod, case 60 rounds approx. matched ammuntion: Hornady Amax 155 grains, Lapua case, Federal Primer CCI 200 Vitavouri N140 44.5 grains. Hand built by Brock and Norris a superbly        accurate target rifle giving 2cm five shot group at 100 yards (scope zeroed to this) Averages 0.616 inch using four different loads ! Also hand loading Lee dies and Lyman Press plus sundry cleaning and loading tools in tool box on wheels.

                                            All for - £3750 ono         Contact Stephen on - 01908 542267   


For Sale :

6 x 47mm lapua-
This is a remington actioned rifle, with a Pacnor barrel 28" fluted, sendero profile, muzzle m18 thread (cant be seen with thread cap).
(barrel work by swift precision)
Choate tactical stock with GBR floor plate and 10 rnd AICS mag, tactical bolt knob.
less than 300 rounds used, shoots 107 sierra's .4 off bipod!
All for -
£1100.00  Selling to fund another project.        Contact - Mark on 07966 961613


For Sale :

1)  7mm Magnum Custom built Rifle.    2)  44-40 Uberti Underlever     3)  38spl uberti underlever.    4) Cases & Ammo

                                                     For the above 4 items, contact Terry on - 0121 680 5235


For Sale :

SAVAGE .308  FTR  RIFLE (single shot action) 30" barrel.

This has the open class stock with Anschutz rail (upgrade and better than original ftr stock) grey laminate,
Ken Farrell rail
The rifle is as new, with only 350 rounds max put through, easy 1/2 MOA accuracy.

                                        Only £1100 +transfer cost    Contact Mark on - 07966 961613


For Sale :

    RCBS Reloading dies in 6mm PPC. Unused, in original box. 

                                                                                         Only £20.00 (A Bargain)

                                                        Contact : Paul on - 0121 326 8409  or Mobile - 07595 070025  


Wanted :

A) Rifle - Accuracy International AWSM .338 Lap Mag., Preferably with Folding Stock.

B) Rifle - Accuracy International AW50 .50 BMG with Folding Stock. 

C) Rifle Scope - S&B 5-25x56 PMII-2 LP + P4L fine or P3 fine reticule in 2nd focal plane. 

D) Reloading Equipment - 223 (5.56mm NATO), .308 Win (7.62mm NATO), .338 LM, .50 BMG, .303 Brit etc. 

E) Once Fired Cases - 9mm, .308 Win, .338 Lapua Magnum, .50 BMG

F) Accessories - Accuracy International AW, picatinny rail, 34mm picatinny scope mounts, 

accushot BT08 Quick Release monopod, military issue sling, military issue DPM drag bag etc etc

G) Ammunition – 7.62mm / .308 Win Tracer

H) Ammunition – 5.56mm / .223 Tracer

I) Ammunition - Radway Green RG or other British military ammunition

J) As a keen collector of munitions I am interested in any old obsolete, unusual ammo, 

either live or inert for my collection.

                                 For all above, please contact : Andy on - 07973 505704



For Sale :

RPA 6.5 - 284 Quadlock receiver. 34 inch Stainless Border Barrel (1 in 8 twist) Robinson Stock.

                                                            Only - £2,000.00

                                                            Contact Tony on - 01384 390655


 For Sale :

(B)  Also : 2 for the price of 1 - (1) 408 Cheytac IMP Rifle, consisting of - 30 inch carbon wrapped barrel with muzzle brake,  2 x rails (low & high), Jewel Trigger, Sniper cheekpiece, set of 3 custom reloading dies, 50 408 cases & 50 420 gn Lost River solid bronze bullets. (2) Includes a second barrel in .338 Lap Mag., complete with Bolt, Muzzle Brake,   5 round Magazine and 50 338 cases. A Special Reflex Sound Moderator to fit both calibre's.

Both the barrels have only shot 200 rounds each. All this for only - £4000.00   

                                                      For remaining 2 items, 

Contact - Rob H.  on - e mail : or mobile : 07711 674666


    For Sale :


        Erma M1 carbine .22,  with 3 mags. vgc.  £150.00  ono

        Winchester mod. 63 (push rod feed) .22 with scope. vgc£140.00  ono

        Krico semi-auto .22 mint s/c.     £120.00   ono

        Remington Sendero 300 ultra mag full custom job.  £1300 or trade for 50 BMG or 338 Lap Mag

        .22 rifles for spares eg Browning and BSA.


        Beretta 58s 12 bore trap o/u vgc   £400.00  ono

        Lang s/s 12 bore n-ej  gc             £125.00   ono

                                         Contact Chris on - 01325 467976


Advertise your surplus to requirements, or "would like to have items" on this  page, It's FREE  to members.

                                                      Just e mail or write in to the secretary.


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