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This is our "Rogues Gallery" of members doing what they do best.

Sennybridge (J3a Range) Ever wondered what it might be like to shoot at 1000m?  Well this should give you an idea, but to experience it - why not get in touch.  We are one of the few clubs in the UK where you can experience real long range shooting.  Drop us a line.  (And yes - we had sentries on the road)

Group Photograph of members at Llansilin 2001.

Below : Members using the Moving Target Facilities at Sennybridge (J4)

Below : It may be old, but it's a gentleman's rifle.....


Above : 50 BMG. at Sennybridge (AW 50)

"G" Range (IBSR) at Sennybridge. Choice of positions to Fire from & ETR Targets out to 350m


Above & Below : A Lazy Sunday Afternoon at Whittington "A" Range (600yds)

Below :  "F" Range at Sennybridge, with several 50 Cal Rifles in use.

Below : Static 1000yd Targets for Large Calibre Rifle Comp.

Below : 45 ACP alongside 50 BMG.

Below : Line up of 50 Calibre Rifles on "F" Range, Sennybridge


Above : Kingsbury "A" Range - 600yd Firing Point.


Above - JM Setting up for Artic 50 cal shoot on "F" Range, Sennybridge

Below - CS ready to engage a Target if he can find one.


Below : Warcop, Cumbria. Charlie High Field Firing Range.

Below : Warcop Field Firing Range. Tank Turret Target at approx. 3000yds. Centre of photo.


Below : 2 x Close ups of Turret, showing the hatch we drop tracer in to.

Below : Andy looking back towards firing points & keeping an eye out for incoming tracer.

Below : View of Charlie High firing point in centre & Charlie low to the right.

Track running left to right in centre of photo is November ridge (Approx. 1000 yds from Firing point)

Thanks go to Sean & Andy for the above photo's at Warcop and their trek up to the 3000 yd Target.

They had special permission to do this on a day when we & others were not firing.


Below :  Pete Reynolds from Switzerland (on left) with Hon. Sec. J M  at Sennybridge "F" Range on April 2nd 05. Pete's 50BMG McMillan on left, with J M's RPA 50 with Reflex Moderator.

Peter had 2 x shoots with us in April 05. Says, coming back for more.

Below : Pete's McMillan 50.


BELOW : Sennybridge "X" Range (Compact Field Fireing Range)

Above : Finding, Estimating Distance & Shooting Electric Targets on "X" Range

Above : Shows most of "X" Range (Furthest Electric Target being Approx. 830m away)

Below : Zoom in on top / centre of "X" Range. (Small, White specs are the Targets)


Below : JM with .50 on the Bench

Below : New 408 CHEYTAC (Via Hunters of England)

Below :  JM's RPA in the background, with Pete's new Nemesis 50 BMG 

                Made in Switzerland.                                               


See "Gallery 2"  for more photographs.


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