To Join The club:   Sorry but at the moment the club is not excepting any new membership applications.

All new members must be sponsored by at least one existing Full Member and will join as a Probationary Member irrespective of existing experience (home office rules). 

To apply as a new member please complete a New Member application form (see menu) and send it to the Membership Secretary along with a passport photo, a payment (by cheque or BACS) the amount is on the form, and a copy of identification i.e. (birth certificate, driving licence, 1st page of your F.A.C or passport). The address is on the form.

Once the above items have been received the club will notify the Police, who will carry out a background check to ensure you are “not a prohibited person or considered not to be a suitable person to be issued with a firearm certificate”.

If you fail the background check, we will refund your membership fee (less £20 which will be kept for the administration cost).

If you pass the background check you will receive an email confirming you are now a Probationary Member.  You can attend any of the club range bookings, see the calendar page. The cost to attend is £10 per day. You will receive your membership ID card at the first range you attend.  You will be supervised on a 121 basis during all shoots, and you can use the club rifles (no cost) but will pay for club ammunition used.

Your probationary period must last at least 3 months (specified by the Home Office).

The club will run two assessment days on a range per year subject to there being enough candidates, and sign-off the probationers.

If you pass the assessment you will be signed off as a Full Member and the Police will be notified.

You can now apply for a S.S.C. which is needed for shooting on all ranges.  To do this complete the attached S.S.C. application form and send it to the Membership Secretary.

You will receive your Full Membership ID card and your S.S.C. at the next range you attend.

You can now also apply to the Police for your own F.A.C.